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A New Year Thanksgiving
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A New Year Thanksgiving


So……hello there again, it’s me; yes really!! I’ve been here all along, I just haven’t been blogging. I know, I know, quick slap on the wrist and a waggle of the finger as a reprimand, now let’s move right along.

The last you heard from me, I was getting ready to leave on a family vacation to sunny Chennai, India. Unfortunately, said holiday turned out to be a teensy bit more eventful than we had hoped for. Long story short, we got trapped in the Chennai floods. More accurately, we got trapped in a small apartment with no power or phone lines, and one craaazy Dengue-ridden mosquito on a mission. And yes, I got Dengue fever (high achiever that I am, I felt I needed to do better than just plain old food poisoning this time).

What does Dengue Fever feel like?
Well, since you asked, it feels like you have been in a fight with Mike Tyson and his tiger, and then someone stuck hot pokers in your eyes, and then you got the flu. Yep, no exaggeration.
We returned to the USA in a rather bedraggled state (though, I must admit in my case, rather more svelte than usual), and it took me quite a lot of time, and grilled cheese on toast to get my energy levels (and, unfortunately, weight) back to normal.

Then Christmas happened: all that mulled wine and family time was lovely, but not really very conducive to blogging. However, I’m back now, energized and ever so thankful for a lot of things. In fact, since I missed Thanksgiving this year, lets just do this now.

I am thankful for

  • The security of having a roof over my head, unlike many of the displaced people of Chennai, who are still piecing their lives back together.
  • My wonderful family, who nursed me back to health, behaved themselves (sort of) on the flight back, and made the Holiday season actually happen.
  • The friends who actually made it possible for us to fly back, and left little surprises in our house for us, that made our travel-weary hearts lift.
  • Cheese. All the cheese that I ate during my jet-lagged early morning cravings when I first got back. Food of the gods, I’m convinced it was the main thing that cured my Dengue.
  • A fresh start. Here’s to fresh starts, the spark they put in your eyes, and the spring they put in your step. May they always be in abundant supply.

A very Happy New Year to you all, I have high hopes for 2016.

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