Summer Camp

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Summer 2017 so far…

Week 1: Food, Color, and Art

Week 2: Cartography and Town Planning

Pictures from previous years’ camps:

Summer 2016

Week 1: Printmaking and mark making


 Week 2: Typography, illustration and illumination


Week 3: Street Art, public art and Parkour


Week 4: Patterns and Polka Dots


Week 5: When Picasso met Matisse



Summer 2015

This year, I ran six weeks of Summer camp at Mosby Woods Elementary School. Each week had it’s own theme, ie: Street art and Pop Art, Balance and movement, Bauhaus design, Games and Chance, Myths and Legends, Storytelling and Illustration. As usual, we spend as much time outdoors as indoors, and the curriculum often spilled into play/break time.


Spring 2015

This camp was held at the Vienna Seventh Day Adventist Academy. A short, week long camp, it focused on color theory. We looked at artists Alma Thomas, and Henri Matisse; painted, block printed, and made paper cuts. And, of course, there was still plenty of time left to play!


Summer 2014

Check out the pictures below of the 2014 Noctiluna Summer Camps. Unlike previous years, the camp was split into week-long blocks, each exploring a different theme. The themes were: Colorful Illustrators, Art and the Five Senses, Artists and Food, Portraiture, and Architecture and Built Environments. We looked at a lot of artists and designers, including  Eric Carle, Wayne Thiebaud, Barbara Kruger, and Frank Gehry, and still had time to ride our bikes, and play games!