All 2020 camps are canceled for health and safety reasons

Noctiluna camps are process oriented Visual Arts camps, with a focus on problem solving and FUN. We keep the camp sizes small, and the atmosphere relaxed with plenty of breaks and unstructured time outdoors.
We work with a variety of 2D and 3D media, and focus on deeper learning, creative thinking skills and, of course, happiness. We want our campers to go back to school feeling relaxed and inspired.

Click HERE for this year’s summer camp details and registration!



Chitra Sharma is an artist, designer, maker and educator. She studied Textile Design at The Winchester School of Art in England, and worked as a textile designer, magazine editor, fashion stylist and public artist before deciding to study for a Masters degree in Art Education at The University of London. After moving to the USA in 2004, Chitra worked as an IB art teacher at the Washington International School in DC. In 2009, Chitra started her own business, Noctiluna, as a way of reconnecting with her own art and design practice. Currently, she designs and produces a collection of clothing and accessories for children and babies and runs an annual summer art camp in Oakton VA. Chitra was the Fairfax Arts artist in residence at Glasgow Middle School in 2019.

Emily Steigler is a designer, maker, and scientific and medical illustrator.  She studied Studio Arts and Biological Illustration at the University of Pittsburgh, where an internship kicked off her career in scientific illustration, drawing snails and slugs in the Section of Mollusks at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.  After working in the Department of Paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History She was hooked, and went on to pursue as Master of Medical Illustration at the Medical College of Georgia. Emily worked in the Medical Legal field as an illustrator for 10 years before leaving to pursue her creative maker passions.  She now runs her own company, Scout & Indiana, which creates edgy and fun clothes for the whole family.

Noctiluna Counselor Internship

Know a high schooler who loves art and wants to be a camp counselor? Click HERE for more information.


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