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A Few Of Our Favorite Things – 2018

A Few Of Our Favorite Things – 2018

Okay, okay, it is 2019, get over 2018 already! I know, I’m running a bit late with this one, but I have to post it!
A list to rack up our mostest and bestest things from 2018 is imperative, and long overdue. I can’t even think about my 2019 wishlist before I put this to bed. I have tried to keep it short, but you know me, I do love a good longform rant. See you on the other side.

Favorite Books

It’s best if I just post a photo for this one; a picture is worth a thousand words after all. I find it hard to whittle down my choices when it comes to books. I love ALL the books! A few that need to be mentioned that aren’t in the shot? The Gentleman of Moscow, a slow and indulgent read that I really sunk into over the summer; Sita’s Ramayana by Samhita Arni is the Ramayana told from a female point of view, and beautifully illustrated. Both my twelve year old and I totally fell in love with all of Kelly Barnhill’s magical books, if you like fantasy, read them. The eight year old’s recommendations will need a post of their own. For now, he recommends the Kid Artists/Presidents etc series by David Stabler, and of course, anything Dog Man related.

Best Museum Experiences

We all fell head over heels in love with the Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen, which is not only riveting, but has the most beautifully designed kids (and adults) playground. I personally vote for the Design Museum in Denmark, which was a designer’s paradise, and has the best cakes, hands down. The Fun House exhibit at the Building Museum in DC brought out the child in all of us. If you are interested, they have one big, must-visit, interactive exhibit every summer. Last, but certainly not least, is the gobsmackingly astounding Museum of African American History and Culture, which I will need to visit at least three more times to do it justice.

Most Memorable Trips to DC

Easy peasy. The march against gun violence will stand out in my mind forever. It was sobering and emotional, but I am proud to have attended it with my family.
This year we also finally managed to attend the DC kitefest on a bright and sunny day, (whaaat?) and had the picture perfect family day out, picnic included. Sometimes things just come together.

Geekiest Food Experience

Our local independent bookstore, Bards Alley wins the award for this one. Our kids loved the Harry Potter inspired treats that they baked up this year. This is just really an excuse to mention them, but come on, books and gourmet baked goods in one place?

Biggest Artist Crush

Frida Kahlo has always been my one of my favorite artists, but this year things intensified when my daughter researched her for a school project, and dressed as her for a school event. I’m convinced it was this that kicked off the global Fridamania we are seeing right now. We couldn’t get tickets to the V&A’s spectacular Frida exhibition in the summer, but we are going to the upcoming exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum! So…very…excited.

Most Mindblowing Camp

Every year, there is one particular week of summer camp that just blows me away. This year, it was the Vera Molnar inspired patternmaking camp. I’m at a loss to even explain how the kids ended up creating these beauties. Sometimes, the kids just take a theme and fly with it.

Now that 2018 has been put to rest, you can look forward to a post on my exciting plans for this year. Speaking of which, I’m working on the 2019 Summer camp program, so I had better get going. Happy New Year!

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