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Summer Camp – Comics and Books

Summer Camp – Comics and Books

Last week’s camp got really, REALLY silly.
Well, the younger kids’ class was just a little bit sillier than the older class. We watched some Snoopy cartoons, and then designed and mono-printed our own comic strips. After this we transitioned smoothly onto Captain Underpants and Dog Man stories, which resulted in a lot of uncontrolled guffawing over scatalogical humor (the planet Uranus featured heavily in many jokes). Some very funny and bizarre superheroes were invented. We made our own comic books, and ate a disgusting looking kitty litter cake donated by some creative parents. I then introduced the kids to Aardman Creations and Morph, and things got even sillier. We modeled our own Morphs out of plasticine, and posed them in different situations. The kids got a bit carried away with this, and I kept finding the creatures all over the place!

The older kids learned about Book Arts. They made extraordinarily intricate tunnel books, designed and circulated their own zines, and came up with their own comic strips. Masters of deadpan comedy, they were notable for being the most sarcastic and darkly humorous group we have ever taught. We were in stitches after reading their zines and comics.

We ended the week with both groups working on the same project and once again, they astounded us. Check out some videos of just a few gorgeous concertina books made by campers here.

This was truly one of the most productive, and fun camps we have ever taught. I’m still giggling!

I’ll leave you with an image from a beautifully crafted but un-shareable zine made by an older student, containing choice Gordon Ramsey quotes (told you they were a dark lot).

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