Being hugged back by your town

So I managed to get through two fairs in a row, Mclean Day, and ViVa Vienna! (yes it is meant to be written that way).

To summarize briefly, Mclean day was cold, soggy, and just okay as far as experiences go, and ViVa Vienna was……….AWESOME!

I love having a booth at ViVa Vienna. I live in Vienna, and it is the kind of place that always hugs you back. Even though it is a suburb of Washington DC, it feels much more like a small town – there are days when I really feel as if I have stumbled onto the set of the ‘Wonder Years’, and then I notice all the iphones around me.

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Standing at a booth at a fair can be toe curlingly boring, but not at ViVa Vienna. Every now and then, a friend would stop by to have a chat and support my little business, my daughter’s school friends yelled out “Ms Shaaaarma” whenever they passed by,  familiar faces from local shops and libraries would nod and grin at me. It was lovely. I felt so supported.

And of course, now that my fairs are done, I’m busy with other projects. I have summer camps to run, an Art party to organize, a semester of full time teaching in the Fall, and…..I might get some bits and pieces into a shop soon. Fingers crossed!

Thank you to all the people to helped me out at the fairs.

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