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Ideas for Chill Days Out in London

It’s that time of year when I get to regale you with tales from my trip home. I do still think of London as home, as I also think of Virginia as my home. I have two homes, yet London is the home where I can be my whole self again; where 70s, 80s and …

art camp, art education, summer camp

The Noctiluna Camp – A reintroduction

I often say that the Noctiluna Art Camp is the best kept secret in Vienna VA. I know so many families in this town through the camp. Often when grocery shopping, a kid will yell “Ms Chitra!” across the store, and almost every time I visit my daughter’s high school, a former camper will spot …

community, design, micro business, small business

Trust This Micro Maker

Today I shall write about the unique challenges of being a one woman micro business in the creative sector. Note how I did not say ‘being in charge of a one woman micro business’ because I am the business and the business is me (as implied by the one woman part of the sentence). Small …

creativity, small business

Um, Read This Post Now…Please?

Blogging has always been a weird activity for me. I mean, first of all, I’m quite a private human (my daughter calls me a cat). Sharing my thoughts and feelings on a public forum normally feels terrifying. I’m that person who can’t even chime in on a Facebook post about Indian food, despite having so …

happy new year, motivation

New Year 2022 – Looking back to Move Forward.

How long has it been since I last blogged? Don’t answer that. It is a rhetorical question and the answer is a very long time. I used to blog regularly and with great gusto, but 2020 changed that. The truth is I just haven’t felt like writing anything to be shared publicly in a while. …

education, summer camp

2021 Summer Camp: Week 1

When I first started running summer camps in 2012, I would run them from my home. The camps were small, and all the kids (including my own) were tiny. They were wonderful, high octane fun, but my house got a bit of a battering. I still have the paint marks on my furniture! As time …

BUSINESS SKILLS, motivation, small business

What Goes Into A Small, Creative Business?

Here are some things I know about small, creative businesses. These businesses are often very, very small. We are talking one or two humans with a big passion and dreams, working from their homes during every free moment they have to produce something unique. Not all small businesses are created equal. We all start with …

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