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The Noctiluna Camp – A reintroduction

I often say that the Noctiluna Art Camp is the best kept secret in Vienna VA. I know so many families in this town through the camp. Often when grocery shopping, a kid will yell “Ms Chitra!” across the store, and almost every time I visit my daughter’s high school, a former camper will spot …

art camp, art education, summer camp

Summer Camp – Architecture and Town Planning Week

And so the first week of this year’s Noctiluna Summer Camps is over. I had planned to write this post on Friday evening. Turns out I was suffering from the convenient amnesia that occurs each year at the beginning of camp season. I always forget just how intense this camp is for everyone – campers …

art camp, education, kids, summer camp

Summer Is Here! A Look At The 2019 Camp Themes

The Noctiluna summer camps are filling up rapidly, and I have started my closing dance of nervous excitement that happens like clockwork each May/June. When most other teachers are starting to exhale towards their summer break, I start frantically ordering materials, collecting found objects, meeting with my colleagues and checking my planner constantly. The planner …

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Printmaking Week at Camp

The second week of summer art camp this year was all about printmaking – my favorite medium. Printmaking with a class of elementary aged children is not for the faint hearted. It is messy, oh so messy, and it is unpredictable and requires a lot of organization and some degree of flexibility. It is for …

art camp, education

What I Pack For Summer Camp

We are almost there! As schools are winding down, and most teachers gasp a sigh of relief and think about melting into their sofas, I start the job of packing, panicking, and prepping for the first week of camp. It’s no easy feat for someone as easily confuddled as I am, there is a LOT …

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