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What Happened In Summer Camp – Week 3 2021
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What Happened In Summer Camp – Week 3 2021

Words I associate with the Noctiluna Camps: exhilarating, explorative, experimental, exciting, exhausting!

This week was no exception. Especially since it was the final week of this summer’s camps. We had a slightly younger crowd this week, who were extra wriggly, so we managed to pack a LOT of activities in! I am ready for a weeklong nap, and am finding it hard to form proper sentences, so this blog will be in a nifty list format.
Here is some of what we did:

We worked with clay, imprinting leaves and stalks into clay tiles, and building up onto tiles.

We made mini printing blocks and shared them to print the cutest landscapes with.

We braved the scorching sun to create a few works of land art before running indoors again and eating popsicles (any excuse).

Campers dipped twigs and branches of all sizes into ink to explore how to control the marks they make. This included trying out some calligraphy from different scripts, and tying paintbrushes to large branches and painting with them. Thanks for not taking any of this home – looks like ALL my wrapping paper will be black and white this Christmas!
Things started to get super silly from here onwards, and a breakaway group of kids created a hat society, and drafted ridiculous and highly amusing rules for it.

We wove on mini cardboard looms using a variety of wool, fabric strips and beads. Some of us turned our fabric into, you guessed it, hats. Also, we wove with paper, and created composite paper creations.

The kids created sets of trading cards and then refused to trade them! Each set was fascinating, because they reflected each camper’s individual interests. No hat related cards though, go figure.

Some of the clay pieces turned out pretty psychedelic when they were painted at the end of the week!

The week ended with a vicious game of Googly Eyes, a claymation movie, and …… making more pompoms, that were tied to heads by the Hat Society (surprise)! I leave you with this most cute creation…

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