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Self Portraits, Sundaes, and Silly Games
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Self Portraits, Sundaes, and Silly Games

Another week of camp has passed, and I’m getting ready for my final, glorious week of teaching before I depart for the UK, and a month of rest and relaxation. I would really like to write a lengthy and descriptive post, like I did last week, but to be honest I’m tired. Knackered – to be more specific (and English). So I’m going to give you the (very) abbreviated version…

Portraits, self portraits. Playing  silly games about character traits and interests that made us giggle. Drawing symbolic self portraits with markers. Looking at the Mona Lisa veeery closely. Discussing work by Frida Kahlo, Chuck Close, and Janine Antoni. Discussing the purpose of portraits through history. Drawing our faces on film stuck to mirrors, while squinting. Regaining our focus slowly. Walking to the park at break times. Playing baseball, tennis, cricket, frisbee, and tag – sometimes all at the same time. Pulling faces for black and white photos. Looking at the principles of graphic design and typography. Learning about Barbara Kruger. Giving pictures new contexts, making up quotes for them. Trying to make paper mache masks, failing, making them again, and painting them. Cleaning up huge messes again, and again. Looking at Pablo Picasso’s life and work, and finding the former very amusing. Making portraits of each other using collage techniques. Incorporating everyday objects into drawings, and taking photos of them. Painting sidewalks with big brushes dipped in water. Using bikes, scooters, and our feet to make patterns on concrete with water. Eating icecream sundaes. Organizing a water balloon fight to help work off the sugar rush. Cleaning up…again.

Did you get all of that? Good.

All in all, it was a great week. Here is some photographic evidence:

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