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Towns, Cities, and Home
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Towns, Cities, and Home

The last summer camp is done, and I’m off to England for my very well-deserved break (Says who? Says I!) feeling tired, bruised, but incredibly happy. I’m going home.

I know, I know, Vienna, Virginia is my hometown  now, and it is indeed lovely and welcoming, and I like being here. However, there is always that feeling when I land at Heathrow Airport that  puts a lump in my throat. The moment I get back to London, I feel like a puzzle piece that has been fitted back into it’s place…

…and then there is my parents.

Heard of the saying Home Is Where The Heart Is? I think it should be  Home Is Where Your Parents Are, and as long as my parents are in London, it will always feel like my proper home. I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to see them again.

Also, it is important to note that, after a week of children telling me that “you’re saying that wrong!”, I’ll finally be in a place where my accent will blend in. Words like water, tomato, and vase will no longer be reasons for long explanations and corrections, and my kids will be the ones getting the stares when they open their mouths – ha!

Speaking of kids correcting me. Last week’s camp was another week of raucous learning fun. The theme was Architecture and Built Environments. I particularly enjoyed this camp, because there were so many collaborative projects and team problem solving.

The kids built shelters for specific environments, planned out towns, looked at different architectural styles and facades, and worked as Cartographers together.  We also went to the park, picked blackberries, and dug insect graves!

Take a look at the pictures below, and I’ll write from London soon!

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  1. Hope you have a great trip

    1. Thank you!! It is great to be back.

  2. The kids will surely love this. We had done some scrap books at home as a hobby but Cartography would be a whole new level for them and it’d be fun. Thanks for sharing this and have a safe trip.


    1. You are welcome. I’m sorry for the late reply…I took an involuntary blog break!

  3. […] 2. Draw Me A House – Thibaud Herem A lovely, lovely book. Full of graphic, visual examples of, well, everything to do with different kinds of architecture. I have used pages of this book for kids to draw on, to get their ideas flowing during my architecture camp.  […]

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