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Time For a break…Almost

  In 9.5 days I will be on holiday- this has been my mantra all day (friends in the USA, try as I might, I still can’t get used to saying vacation). I have been using this mantra to self soothe. I’m mentally tired, and sore from standing upright for 8+ hours at each of those fairs. …

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Towns, Cities, and Home

The last summer camp is done, and I’m off to England for my very well-deserved break (Says who? Says I!) feeling tired, bruised, but incredibly happy. I’m going home. I know, I know, Vienna, Virginia is my hometown  now, and it is indeed lovely and welcoming, and I like being here. However, there is always that feeling …

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Ode to London

I am in London, and all is well with the world. It is fantastic to be back in the city where I grew up, where everything is so familiar and comfortable. I feel like a missing puzzle piece that has finally been popped back into it’s place. I grew up in a leafy part of South …

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Keeping the Ball Rolling

 Greetings from Chennai, India. I was supposed to write a post  a week ago about my upcoming trip, but I didn’t manage to. I was supposed to write a post a few days ago saying good bye, but I didn’t manage to. During the past week or so,I have been totally immersed in the mammoth …

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