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Keeping the Ball Rolling
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Keeping the Ball Rolling

 Greetings from Chennai, India.
I was supposed to write a post  a week ago about my upcoming trip, but I didn’t manage to.
I was supposed to write a post a few days ago saying good bye, but I didn’t manage to.

During the past week or so,I have been totally immersed in the mammoth task of packing for a family of four, who will spend three weeks in India, followed by 2 weeks in England. I feel like an ostrich who has just pulled it’s head out of a week-long hole of caffeine.

I actually wrote part of this post from a Heathrow airport lounge during a stopover, which is a feat in itself. Before I had kids, it felt as if stopovers were interminably long and unneccessary. Now they seem too short, and filled with bathroom visits and rushing from gate to gate.
On the other hand, that small amount of time between when the ‘Seatbelts-On’ sign goes on, and the plane takes off, seems like an eternity with a screaming toddler next to you. I swear, my son went through all five stages of grief (well, maybe he skipped Acceptance) before the plane took off.

Anyway, here I am, on a family vacation. I’m happy to be here, but I just can’t stop thinking about my little business back home. I can’t help thinking that this is not a good time for a long trip.

“I’ve only just managed to start selling stuff, and get the word out about myself, how do I keep up the momentum while we are are away? People will forget what I’m doing. People will forget who I am!” I ranted a little hysterically to my husband before I left.

His answer: “Blog…..keep blogging about what you have been up to, and what inspires you.”

So I’ll take his advice, and do just that. For the next five weeks, the content of my blogs will be of a diffent nature. It will be more of a travel journal than a work journal, and I probably won’t post as frequently. But hopefully what I see will inspire me to create new and lovely things when I get back! Keep reading…

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  1. I have been checking back on your posts. I love them. I was away in the USA for 10 days, an incredible experience. Your trip to India will only inspire you more and you won’t be forgotten. Keep this community posted!

    1. Thanks again, Jennie. Where did you go in the US?

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