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A Very Silly Post about Mosquitos
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A Very Silly Post about Mosquitos

I have been in Chennai for five days now.
The mosquitos don’t seem to have forgotten me. They follow me everywhere, and completely ignore my companions. I think that they have actually been anticipating my visit. Maybe they arranged some sort of convention. Maybe they put out an advertisement announcing my arrival.

If they did, I would imagine that it would read something like this:

The Chitra Sharma Mosquito Convention.

Calling all lovers of fine, 1976 vintage blood.
The Chitra Sharma Mosquito Convention is a major event for mosquitos from all over India, and sometimes even further away. This unmissable opportunity only happens about once every four or five years.

Come feast on the exquisite blood of Chitra Sharma. A native blood, bred in the UK, and processed in the USA, this unique vintage blend contains hints of Marmite and Tea, with a rich undertone of chocolate. The bouquet is irresistable (especially after 20 hours on a plane journey).
Buy tickets for this major event and get two small, lively aperitifs from the USA for free.

Discounts available for group bookings. Malaria carriers not allowed.

I wish I had a visual to go with this, but I ran out of time for more silliness.

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  1. Murali says:

    I am imagining mosquitoes with their Burgundy Glasses (I figured you more closer to Pinot Noir than a Cab).

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