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A Sketchy State of Mind

A Sketchy State of Mind

It seems like ages and ages since I last blogged. The holy trinity of Free time, Computer, and Connectivity have been very elusive since I arrived in India.  I have been practically bursting with news, but with no outlet everyday.
All of this, however, pales in comparison with the following discovery for me…

I have forgotten to bring a sketchbook!


I have never traveled without a sketchbook and drawing materials. At home I have shelves of sketchbooks crammed with notes, drawings and keepsakes from my numerous pre-maternal travel experiences. These sketchbooks are visual diaries, keepers of beautiful memories, and considered old friends. I have even given some of them names (Albert from 1998 is particularly fascinating, and slightly baroque).

Even on vacation with my kids, laughably, I always pack a sketchbook……. just in case.
Often it languishes unused in my bag for the whole vacation, but the knowledge that it is there is comforting.

Well, there is no point in wallowing.  I guess I will just have to make do with a camera for a little while.

Here are some pictures (taken most professionally with my husband’s  iphone) of my daughter and I getting our hands painted with Henna for an event. I like the way the henna artist doesn’t plan out her design, and just makes it up as she goes along. It reminds me of the continuous line drawings that I used to do with my students.

Now I’m thinking of some henna inspired prints for my Autumn/winter T-shirt collection. Maybe I’ll call it the Indian Summer collection. More about that later.
Ooh…..I wish I had a sketchbook right now!

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