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Loosen up lady!
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Loosen up lady!

A blog about drawing and un-drawing….

I have produced some pretty uptight drawings, and now I’m going to have to unravel them a bit.

One of the things I like most about henna, or mehndi, is the fluid way in which it is drawn. Henna artists don’t really plan out their designs in advance, they just draw instinctively, and make things up as they go along. Definitely my kind of work process.

I chose a chunky marker as my drawing tool, because I thought it would help me produce bold and fluid drawings.
Henna patterns do tend to be very intricate, so I instinctively slowed down. As a result, the drawings are more ‘tight’ and controlled than I would like. More Doris Day than Katherine Hepburn. More chamber music than jazz. You get the picture.
A bit too stylised for my liking. I don’t really want my drawings to look too much like traditional henna designs.

Still, a start is a start…and I have lots of ideas about how to develop them.

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The drawings will get more scribbly, dribbly and fluid. I think they need to get simpler as well. Then I need to think about……shirts! Yes, we are back to the shirts. Time to start thinking about Autumn/Winter.

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