It’s all in the details

As the fine fair of Viva Vienna draws close, I am at my favorite stage of work. The finishing up stage.

There is a reason why I kept getting stylist jobs in London. I love pulling bits and bobs together to create a cohesive look, presentation is a big deal to me, and now I actually have my own brand to focus on.

With very little time left, I can really only do a few things, but I managed to mono-print tags for the tee-shirts, and print up some freebie bookmarks to give away as well. I’m also planning on printing some decorative hangings to festoon my booth with.

Super D sewed some labels onto the shirts, so that I could write Noctiluna on them, and put little heart patches on some of the kids’ shirts in unexpected places.
And, of course, I printed tee-shirts for myself and the kids to wear at the fair. No better advertisement for the shirts, than grinning kids with cotton candy on their faces!
There is so much that I want to do, that I won’t have time for. An example: I really wanted to print a little Noctiluna tree onto fabric and sew it onto the sleeve of each shirt as well.
Oh well, maybe at the next fair!

Tags with wash instructions!
Noctiluna labels
heart patch

6 thoughts on “It’s all in the details

  1. Dad

    An excellent art work.and wish you success in your venture.
    May all yor cherished desires and dreams come true

  2. Jennie

    Wishing you a brilliant fair this w/e. I wish I could come visit your booth. I am sure you will draw the crowds! Look forward to reading all about it.

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