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Hitting Refresh
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Hitting Refresh

It has been waaaay too long since I last blogged, and here’s why:

1: I really haven’t felt like I have much to write about, and I just don’t do that whole ‘writing for the sake of writing’ stuff. It would bore you to death.

2: School is out, my delicious munchkins are home, and when I hang out with the kids, I do it wholeheartedly.

3: Summer camp starts in just sixteen days (aaargh!), and every spare second I have is taken up with ordering materials, collating materials, emailing interns, tweaking lesson plans, visiting the school, and all the other little things that have to be done before the fun begins.

To be honest, I have found the past week refreshing. It has been nice hanging out with the kids and not worrying about schedules, homework, or school events. This is my time to recharge before the storm, where my brain hits refresh, and gets ready to handle the mighty Summer camp experience.

Summer Camp

Summer camp is really a beautiful thing for me. I love teaching, and kids, and art, and being a goof ball, and silly jokes, and making a mess, and freeze tag, and frisbee contests, and, well you get the idea, I’m a big kid. This year I’m even more ridiculously excited than usual because I reeeally like my curriculum. In fact, I am patting myself on the back about my curriculum, and I’m really bad at holding excitement in, so here are some things the kids are going to explore this summer:

Street art, Keith Haring, Sesame Street animations, Basquiat, Warhol, screen printing, the Day of the Dead, Poetry, Banksy, typography, Alexander Calder, mobiles and Stabiles, drawing with wires, sculpture with found objects, Galimotos, Miro, Mondrian, architecture, Bauhaus, graphic design, modernism, painting, Joseph Albers, optical illusions, Hundertwasser, board games, Nogaravin puppets, Enid Blyton, gestural painting, cardboard trees, creation myths, Native American legends, Pandora’s box, mosaic, collage, weaving, fractured fairy tales, Arthur Rackham, Kara Walker, illustration, dreams, fantasy art, Chagall, the principles of design, printmaking… and more.

Do you see why I’m excited? Do you? Stay tuned, I’m going to post pictures every week, but first, Independence day, popsicles and the beach beckon. Happy July 4th to everyone!

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  1. Emma Tarrant says:

    Wow, I want to attend this camp!

    Emma T X

    Sent from ET’s phone.


    1. Emma, you should come and teach at the camps with me during the Summer!! You can stay at my place, and explore DC. I need to hire a teacher for next Summer, what do you think?? 🙂 🙂

  2. nice pics

    1. Thank you!

  3. That list! Even I got excited– and I’m half-way across the world. Haha!

    1. That’s great!! Thanks for reading the post, by the way, you made my day. Ha!

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