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List of Awesome Art Resources for Kids (and You!)
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List of Awesome Art Resources for Kids (and You!)

In the process of planning out the Noctiluna Art camps for this summer, I have been discovering a lot of cool resources for kids (and, well, anyone who is into art). These are mostly cool books (I love my books, I love them so much it’s not right), with a few other things thrown in. I want to share these finds with you (whoever you are), because I’m feeling extra excited about using them this Summer, and I want to spread all the love and excitement around.

1.Harvesting Dreams; Hundertwasser for Kids – Barbara Stieff
This book teaches about the fascinating artist, Freidensreich Hundertwasser, (try saying that fast three times in a row) in a really kid friendly way. It is full of questions and quotes for them to mull over, and has great ideas for games, activities, and art that they can make.

2. Draw Me A House – Thibaud Herem
A lovely, lovely book. Full of graphic, visual examples of, well, everything to do with different kinds of architecture. I have used pages of this book for kids to draw on, to get their ideas flowing during my architecture camp. 

3. I Wish I didn’t have to Sleep – Keith Haring
This book has so many great starting points for discussions about Haring’s work, it is filled with comments and observations that children have made about Haring’s work, some are hilarious. I’m sure that it will help to loosen up tongues during discussions and critiques.

4. Go, A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design – Chip Kidd
Some of this book is a little bit complicated for my 6-10 year olds to navigate, but it’s a must for anyone attempting to teach anything about graphic design/typography to kids. Also it is written by someone called Chip Kidd- enough said.

5. Children’s Book of Mythical Beasts and Magical Monsters – Dorling Kindersley
My nine year old loves this book. I plan on reading a lot of myths to my campers, and exploring many ancient and classical cultures. This book has it all – monsters, gods, demons, heroes, magic. Once you pick it up you can’t put it down again for a very long time.

6. Meet The Artist, Alexander Calder – Patricia Geis
A spectacular book that makes you sigh at each page turn. Very interactive, lots of things to lift, pull, and play with. Lots of information.

7. Kid Made Modern (book and products) – Todd Oldham
There is a cool Mid century vibe to this book. The projects are all based on different artists/designers that I love, and have beautiful outcomes. In fact, I have fallen in love with the Kid Made Modern aisle at my local Target; so many drool-worthy art materials, kits and how-to pamphlets for kids.Go check it out.

8. The Art of Eric Carle – Philomel Books
I got this at a used book fair, and it is perfect for older elementary school kids to read to themselves. Eric Carle writes about his life and inspirations in a simple, clear way, and the color prints in the book are big, bright and beautiful. Perfect for a classroom.

9. This is…. Series – M.Sasek
I included this series because it is just so, so beautiful. The illustrations are gorgeous, and any book that teaches my kids  about other parts of the world, and gets them excited about traveling is a good book. I have the This is London, and the This is Paris, and they are both superb.

10. Felt Mosaic by eeBoo
Okay, this isn’t a book, it’s a game. It is a cheaper, and simpler version of the awesome Color Forms game, therefore, it is also a great way to teach kids about Bauhaus design. Also, it is a wonderful tool for developing hand-eye coordination and spatial intelligence. A little difficult for my five year old to do alone, but I think he will get into it next year. The nine year old loves it.

11. Crayola ‘my color is…’ set
Also discovered at Target. These little mixed media packs of drawing materials sorted by color are my daughter’s favorite thing right now. I’m thinking of making my own mixed media packs sorted by color for the kids to use this Summer. A great way to explore texture and line.

That’s it. Hope you found that list useful/entertaining/fun/a better alternative to a nap. The pictures below are in a very weird order. My computer is in a bad mood today, but at least I got this post out. Enjoy!

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