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My 9 Favourite Picture Books To Read With A Kid

Warning: this is a pretty long and sometimes irrelevant preamble for a post that is meant to be a list of books. If you want to just skip ahead to the list below please do so. I won’t hold it against you. If you are, in fact, a fan of my ramblings, I’m honored. Thank …

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List of Awesome Art Resources for Kids (and You!)

In the process of planning out the Noctiluna Art camps for this summer, I have been discovering a lot of cool resources for kids (and, well, anyone who is into art). These are mostly cool books (I love my books, I love them so much it’s not right), with a few other things thrown in. …


A Sparkly Book Review

“You should read this book” my eight year old told me “I think you will really like it” The book in question is Neil Gaiman’s Fortunately The Milk,¬†and she was right, I loved it. I’m not above reading kids’ books, in fact I love kids’ books. Actually I love all types of books, but lately …

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