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The Noctiluna Camp – A reintroduction

I often say that the Noctiluna Art Camp is the best kept secret in Vienna VA. I know so many families in this town through the camp. Often when grocery shopping, a kid will yell “Ms Chitra!” across the store, and almost every time I visit my daughter’s high school, a former camper will spot …

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Trust This Micro Maker

Today I shall write about the unique challenges of being a one woman micro business in the creative sector. Note how I did not say ‘being in charge of a one woman micro business’ because I am the business and the business is me (as implied by the one woman part of the sentence). Small …

creativity, small business

Um, Read This Post Now…Please?

Blogging has always been a weird activity for me. I mean, first of all, I’m quite a private human (my daughter calls me a cat). Sharing my thoughts and feelings on a public forum normally feels terrifying. I’m that person who can’t even chime in on a Facebook post about Indian food, despite having so …

happy new year, motivation

New Year 2022 – Looking back to Move Forward.

How long has it been since I last blogged? Don’t answer that. It is a rhetorical question and the answer is a very long time. I used to blog regularly and with great gusto, but 2020 changed that. The truth is I just haven’t felt like writing anything to be shared publicly in a while. …

education, summer camp

2021 Summer Camp: Week 1

When I first started running summer camps in 2012, I would run them from my home. The camps were small, and all the kids (including my own) were tiny. They were wonderful, high octane fun, but my house got a bit of a battering. I still have the paint marks on my furniture! As time …

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What Goes Into A Small, Creative Business?

Here are some things I know about small, creative businesses. These businesses are often very, very small. We are talking one or two humans with a big passion and dreams, working from their homes during every free moment they have to produce something unique. Not all small businesses are created equal. We all start with …

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Shy? Moi? The Noctiluna Photoshoot 2021

Until recently, I have never been a fan of having my photo taken. Part of it is vanity. For some reason, the image in my head of how I should look never matches with how I actually look. In old family photos, I’m always pulling some sort of goofy face, sticking my tummy out, or …

collaboration, fashion

CHEmlab – A Story of Collaboration And Friendship Through Tough Times

Being an artist or maker, and owning your own small business can be incredibly exhilarating, but the flipside is, it can also be incredibly lonely. I have always yearned to collaborate with another maker, but finding the right partner is not as easy as it seems. Turns out, finding a good match for collaboration is …

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