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Ideas for Chill Days Out in London

It’s that time of year when I get to regale you with tales from my trip home. I do still think of London as home, as I also think of Virginia as my home. I have two homes, yet London is the home where I can be my whole self again; where 70s, 80s and …

Travel, traveling with kids

London Love Story

I do hope that you had a lovely Valentines weekend, whether you chose to celebrate the day or ignore it. We don’t tend to make a huge deal of the event in our household, although it’s against our very natures to ever turn down an opportunity to eat chocolate and snuggle up to watch a …

Travel, traveling with kids

Chennai with Kids

We have been to Chennai with our kids many times, and yet I have never written a post about the experience. Strange, right? I love writing travel guides for parents, and have waxed lyrical about London, Paris, New York, and Copenhagen in the past, but not Chennai. Why? Because, to be very honest, Chennai is …

Travel, traveling with kids

Our Top 7 Places For Kids In Copenhagen

Here we go: I asked my children what their favorite places in Copenhagen are, and this is the list they gave me. The Rundetaarn The kids loved the dizzy climb to the top and seeing that spectacular view of the city. We giggled over the kissing seat, and we were all pleasantly surprised to find …

Travel, traveling with kids

My City Crush on Copenhagen

I LOVE COPENHAGEN There it is, all in caps, just like the t-shirt says. I love it. I love it with the intensity that a good holiday crush deserves. “But it is more than a crush!” I whine to anyone who will listen.  I love it to the point that I would willingly move there …

Travel, traveling with kids

Why Your Kids Will Love London

Battenbergs, Bakewells, Jaffa Cakes, Victoria Sponge….. I have been indulging in many childhood treats since I arrived in London three weeks ago, maybe a few too many, nostalgia does weird things to people, right? I’m not setting a very good example to my kids right now. Fear not though, my interests here do extend beyond English puddings, …

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