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Our Top 7 Places For Kids In Copenhagen
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Our Top 7 Places For Kids In Copenhagen

Here we go: I asked my children what their favorite places in Copenhagen are, and this is the list they gave me.

  1. The Rundetaarn

    The kids loved the dizzy climb to the top and seeing that spectacular view of the city. We giggled over the kissing seat, and we were all pleasantly surprised to find a really good art exhibition and cafe in the tower.

  2.  The Danish Architecture Centre playground

    The sheer scale of this playground is amazing to behold. Trampolines in the sky, a giant honeycomb structure to climb, and an underground sand pit with tunnels. A great way to end a trip to the excellent DAC.

  3. Konditaget Lüders

    This is actually the kids’ favorite place that we visited. A playground on top of a multistorey carpark that looks like it’s from another planet. Also a good workout for parents, as you have to climb a LOT of stairs to reach the actual playground. It’s worth it for the view, and the lovely boardwalk with cafes nearby.

  4. Amagerstrand

    It only took us about 20 minutes by metro to get to this absolutely beautiful, clean beach with, you guessed it,  lovely play areas. The kids were over the moon, and yes, so were we.

  5. The Children’s Museum

    A free section just for kids in the National Museum of Denmark. It was small, interactive, and designed for the kids to explore on their own, at their own pace, leaving us adults to actually have a proper grown up conversation. Only kidding, we were actually playing in the dress up areas with the Viking costumes and weaponry. Yeah!

  6. Rosenborg Castle and gardens

    Not only is this a beautiful castle with gorgeous gardens but guess what, it boasts a fabulous kids’ playground. The Danes have got this playground thing licked. This made our day so much smoother. Come on DC, more playgrounds please!!

  7. Lagkagehuset

    My twelve year old would never forgive me if I didn’t include this on the list. She became fairly obsessed with this pricey, yet delicious chain of bakeries. This place is dangerous, only ever enter on a full stomach. Side note: Danish coffee is heavenly.

Obviously this list is very subjective, and we have only been to Copenhagen once. If you have your own nominations for great places for kids in Copenhagen, please do share them so that we can visit them on our next trip!

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