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Teacher’s Pick – My All Time FAVORITE Noctiluna Camps
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Teacher’s Pick – My All Time FAVORITE Noctiluna Camps

I’m feeling a little nostalgic this week. I spent yesterday evening organising old photos from the camps into albums and realised that almost all of the campers from the first Noctiluna Camp, held back in 2014, are now applying for college (including my daughter).
Looking through the photos brought back so many beautiful memories. I can honestly say without a doubt that all of the camps I have run have been successful in terms of the amount of fun and learning that took place for all – kids and adults. It is so hard to pick, but the following are what I think are my favorite camps of all time (so far)…

Sensory Art Camp (2014)

This camp pushed the boundaries for students. They drew music, created sensory pots, explored the connection between color and emotion, and really paid attention to their own senses.

Toys and Games Camp (2015)

SO MUCH FUN. We played games, critiqued games, and designed and crafted our own games.

Printmaking Camp (2016)

A camp where we just let the kids run riot with all of my printmaking equipment, and look what they made!

Town Planning and Transit (2017)

Ahem, the mayor of Vienna looked at our new and improved plans for the town. The kids amazed me with their innovative ideas and I now think they should be in charge of the town.

Patternmaking (2018)

Completely blown away by the work the campers produced after exploring the work of Vera Molnar, Yayoi Kusama and other pattern makers.

Book Arts (2019)

The kids made beautiful and truly hilarious books. The Guide to Anger and Book of Obvious had us all in stitches. It was therapeutic for all.

World building and Mythology (2022)

The kids drove this project beyond anything I had expected, creating trading cards and models of creatures from their worlds. Amazing imaginations.

I can’t wait to see what this summer’s campers create. Interested in signing your kid up? Just go to the camps page on the website. Now I’m going to go and feel emotional about all my former campers. Stay in touch!

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