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Playing Hooky at the National Gallery
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Playing Hooky at the National Gallery

On Tuesday, I decided to take a day off from work, the suburbs, and my constant worrying, and caught the Metro into DC with a friend.
We seized the surprisingly sunny day and went to check out the newly renovated East building of the National Gallery. I’m here to officially state that it is gorgeous, full of amazing art, and definitely  worth a visit. It’s a perfect place to take kids, because the building itself is so engaging and full of beautiful open spaces, balconies, and spectacular views. I’m hoping to take my kids over the weekend, I think they will particularly adore the Calder room, and it’s adjoining outdoor terrace that is home to a larger than life cobalt blue rooster (what’s not to like?). My daughter will love the Rothko room and the large sculptures on the concourses, and my son will love the views from the balconies and those Wayne Thiebaud cakes. Add to this the space age travelator, the amazing kids’ bookshop, and the fact that that the cafe sells Eccles cakes, and we have a winner.
Spring is just around the corner (don’t argue with me, it is), and I’m going to take my kids to as many galleries as possible starting with this one.

In retrospect, I’m so glad that I threw caution to the wind and took a mental health day, because, as it happens, I’m spending the rest of the week at home with a sick six year old. Carpe diem my friends.


Janine Antoni’s Lick and Lather
Huge Jean Dubuffet sculpture that made me very happy
More Dubuffet
Henri Matisse – The Palm
From the Rothko room
Objectivity – Sol LeWitt
Wayne Theibaud’s cakes
The Calder Room
The Calder room
Views from the terrace

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