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My Week So Far/ or Screen Printing and Self Help
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My Week So Far/ or Screen Printing and Self Help

I’m not even sure what to write for this weekly dispatch. My brain seems to have congealed into a sticky, overheated mess.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve done quite a lot this week, my body certainly feels like it has done a lot, but my brain feels as limp as a jellyfish, and refuses to produce any kind of analytical or organized thought about the week. I don’t even feel like making a list (shock, horror!!).

I’m just so very tired.

I’m recovering from a nasty virus, I have some gnarly bruises from a recent attack of clumsiness, my husband is abroad, and school, work, and life has chosen this exact time to keep throwing curveballs at me. So before I get any more bloody emails announcing impromptu parent/teacher conferences, t-shirt suppliers that have gone bankrupt and can’t fulfill my orders, or school events that I signed up for many moons ago while drinking a Merlot, let’s get this thing written!

Ooh, I just realized that I actually have photographic evidence of the fruits of my labor! Let’s look at some pretty pictures that prove that I actually did some work this week , and remember the shiny, pretty parts of the week.img_5194img_5195img_5197img_5204img_5205img_5207img_5230img_5232


Yup, that did it. I managed to print some pretty sweet stuff this week, and by the way, screenprinting is one of the most therapeutic activities ever. Feeling stressed? Come and print with me. Even looking at screen prints makes me unwind a little.
The kids made me some lovely hand made valentines presents, and my Neil Gaiman book finally showed up (I knew Neil wouldn’t forsake me on Valentines day). The kids and I watched Muppets in Space (my turn to pick the movie), baked a tudor almond cake, listened to a lot of punk rock. I managed to do some drawing in my sketchpad, and the little one confided to me that he wanted to live in the library “in the audiobook section where old people work on laptops”. Sometimes just remembering a few good things can spur other happy memories to come flooding out of your brain.

Okay I’m still tired, but maybe a tiny, teeny bit less grumpy… maybe. Luckily enough, the weekend is right around the corner, and it’s a long one …ahhh the sweetness of that thought.



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