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A Week of Printing and Potato Chips
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A Week of Printing and Potato Chips

I have been busy this week doing my own brand of haphazard screen printing. Remember when I blogged about imperfection being my thing? No? Then read here and understand what I’m all about. I’m a trained screen printer, I have a degree in Textile Design, but a very unprofessional set up aka my dining room, my living room and my basement (my family put up with a lot).
The printing is low tech, the music is punk rock, there is always a bowl of Sriracha potato chips nearby, and a lot of spontaneous decision making happens. Sometimes my kids’ school nurse calls and I rush off in a hurry and forget to wash a screen before I go (gah!!). Sometimes, I fix a problem by making a makeshift screen out of an embroidery hoop and some mesh (yes, really). I know, it’s not a perfect scenario, but it will get better and slicker, and nothing makes a day sunnier than screen printing. It is instantly gratifying, and the inks are beautiful and satisfyingly gooey. I just bought myself equipment to burn more complex images onto screens, so watch this space. I’m also trying to fix the problem of finding a suitable work space. Next week I’ll be sewing blossoms on to cacti and sprinkles on to doughnuts, it’s tough having such a serious job.
Hopefully the weekend will bring painting, gallery visits, Norse mythology, sunshine, and all sorts of beautiful happenings to share with you next week. Have a good one!



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