Al dente Art

A couple of days ago, I came across a T-shirt company whose slogan is “Perfectly imperfect”.

I gaped in mild dismay “That should be my slogan” I thought ” They have my slogan!! Imperfection is definitely MY thing!”

It’s true, I do like my design a little under-cooked, which is why I love printmaking so much. Imperfection is pretty much a given.
Have a look at these decidedly al dente mono prints I made this morning. I think they would make lovely greeting cards, or coloring sheets. The ones with clouds make me want to draw or write messages on them.

I have also been mistreating my kitchen again, and have just finished preparing some screens with new designs on them.
Tomorrow I start printing bags…and shirts…and pillowcases…and anything else that I can get my hands on that has a printable surface (I can hear my husband gulping nervously).


That’s tomorrow. Right now I’m taking a little break to do some paintings with my daughter. Under-cooked paintings. The best kind!

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