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Summer Camp Love Story
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Summer Camp Love Story

I’m going to run a summer camp this year. Scratch that, I’m going to run TWO summer camps this year.

The responses to this statement have ranged from the anxious “won’t that be a bit messy?’ to the slightly surrealĀ “do you have enough tents?” to the cryptic “what about bears?

First of all, to all those well meaning, yet confused friends out there: summer camp does not have to involve actual camping (in the wilderness…with tents…and bears). If it did, I would be a terrible instructor! Don’t send your children to a camping-camp with me, they will get lost or eaten, or both.
My summer camp will be an arts and crafts camp involving elementary school age children making wonderful things with their brains and hands.

Secondly, yes, it will get messy. It will probably get very messy (I can sense my husband groaning at this remark right now). Five to six kids making art, in my home every day- yes, there is a definite possibility of mess.
There will be no glitter though (feeling better, husband?).

I have done this before; I have run numerous camps from home for packs of excited kids. They have blocked my toilet, spilled glitter on my floors, and eaten my snacks, and I still want to teach them. That is what I call love.
I love art, I love kids, and I love teaching.

And of course there is one more perk to running a summer camp …I get to enroll my own kid in a cool camp, and get to spend time with her everyday as well. What’s not to love about that?

Funky Fairy Tales Camp 2009
Funky Fairy Tales Camp 2009

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  1. Sundar says:

    Good Luck in your new venture DAD

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