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I have just finished spending a most fulfilling couple of hours making books, and I wanted to share the fun with you.

These are really simple instant books made out of one sheet of paper,  no gluing, taping or sewing required. In fact for most of them, I didn’t even use scissors to make the basic form, and just tore the paper instead.

I didn’t really stop to think much while making these, and I didn’t buy any new materials, and that’s what I’m really excited about! These books are green!!!  I used scraps of paper left over from other projects, and pages that had been ripped out of coloring books.

Now I finally have a purpose for all that leftover gift wrapping, and  those old Wholefoods bags!

Right now I’m just experimenting, and having a lot of fun, way too much fun (I got a little carried away when I discovered the bag of googly eyes in my daughter’s craft box – can you tell?). However, my aim is to start making beautiful notebooks and gift books to sell on my fledgling Etsy site.

I’ll continue experimenting with more complex book forms, and for those of you with an interest in hand made books check out the awesome Purgatory Pie Press website.



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  1. You are making some great stuff!

    1. You are too kind, Genius-Jules. How is the little bun in the oven?

  2. You have been making some great stuff!

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