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Making a creative connection

Making a creative connection

What a great morning.

I just had a pow-wow with a good buddy and local designer, who runs a ‘kitchen table’ business like me, making fabulous T-shirts for kids, in the middle of mayhem.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there is nothing like a good critique. My work suffers when I spend too much time on my own, and I start talking to myself in a maniacal way.
Art School is a pretty singular experience, where the air is always thick with creativity, and everywhere you look, you feel inspired. Most of us find it difficult to replicate that atmosphere after leaving, and working from home is the polar opposite of being in a studio buzzing with energy (although the heating and well stocked fridge is always a bonus).

Me and Super-D (which is what I have decided to call her on this blog) came up with millions of groovy ideas for our work, drank a lot of tea, and told some pretty terrible jokes. The result: I have a bright orange burst of energy radiating from me, and a dry mouth from talking too much.

We have decided to have weekly crafting sessions, which I am so very excited about, and collaborate on a piece or two…or more.

If you like hand crafted clothes for kids, check out her work at .

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  1. Agreed! I’m grateful I’ve got a designated studio space, which I share with Victoria and Nick, so you get quiet, peaceful periods, and times when it’s a noisy hive of activity, and just when you need it there’s a friendly face to share a cuppa with, and bounce ideas around.

  2. Saw the pictures of your new studio, Gemma. Looks great!

  3. I am continuously amazed and inspired by people like you who make time to write so engagingly, create gorgeous graphics and look after a young family. I have a brilliant illustrator friend who lives in Finland. Skype was made for our long ‘over the fence’ brainstorms. I agree, we do need ‘a good critique’. Collaboration is the way, great idea.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. I have a big smile on my face right now! Skype is a great idea, I should try that with some old art school friends.

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