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Snow, Baked Goods and my Printing Schedule
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Snow, Baked Goods and my Printing Schedule

So, my resolve to blog at least once a week broke, last week. It just broke apart like a large, warm, flaky, soft, buttery croissant does… mmmmmmmmmm…but I digress, let me tell you more about last week.

Last Week

Last week it got very cold and snowy, and the kids had just one day of school. Then the weekend happened, and lo and behold – more cold and snow. Long story short, I didn’t get much work done. I did, however, eat more baked goods than I normally would (snow does that to me), play Animal Charades with my kids (proud inventors of said game), and perfect my piggyback techniques under the strict guidance of the four year old. So all is not lost.

While the Polar vortex had sucked the will to work out of me, my husband had been sucked into a very different type of vortex not often encountered in this part of the world. The Cricket World Cup Vortex. Well that’s that then. Bye bye husband, hello to posing for silly photos wearing valentines glasses with the kids……and more baked goods.

This Week

I’m treating this week as a fresh start. I love fresh starts, which is why I love Spring so much. Everything about Spring makes me happy – Spring cleaning, Spring sunshine, cherry blossom, hot cross buns, what’s not to like? Where are you, Spring???? Rumor has it, you have been frolicking around Europe for a while. I need you!!

Anyway, this week I will print my Spring/Summer collection of tees and onesies, so that I can hopefully get them into local shops in March. I will post pictures to show you the fruits of my labor in a couple of days. Basically, this whole post has been a very long winded way of saying- I’m back working, the T-shirts are coming! Thank you for listening!


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