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The Luxury of a Full Work Week
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The Luxury of a Full Work Week

The  last two weeks have been pretty productive, thanks in part to the lovely Spring-like weather. With no sudden, unexpected snow days, I managed to finish screen-printing all 1 million of my products (Well, it certainly felt like 1 million!). I have also almost finished ironing them all as well. My right bicep is now impressively larger than the left one, leaving me rather lopsided, but proud nonetheless. I’m right on target to finish tomorrow, and be free to spend all of next week getting organised for my Spring break camp.

Oh, and of course, I finally managed to film an intro to my YouTube channel (see below). Don’t expect too much, I’m no Martin Scorsese. I’m hoping to film the next video tomorrow, which will be a tour of my ‘work space’ (hopefully, I will have cleaned the house up a bit by then).

Feeling rather pleased with myself, I decided to go for a walk today, and bought a bunch of cool books at my local library’s used book sale. Then my phone rang, it was my four year old’s preschool: “Ms Sharma, your son is running a temperature, could you come and pick him up? That will teach me to get too smug!

So I’m at home with my little honey right now, typing this as he snuggles up to my side and watches Sesame Street. Apparently, it might snow tomorrow. Hmmmm, fingers crossed for that photo-shoot. Well, at least I have an understanding boss!

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