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Compassion For The Unmotivated
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Compassion For The Unmotivated

It is 9am, and my younger child just left for preschool with his dad. The house is empty, I have limited time before I need to leave to do the midday pick up/drop off (it’s complicated, my younger child has a strange schedule), but I just can’t motivate myself to start printing. I am a bear with a sore head today. So I filled the kettle, and wrote this list:


No, it is not written on fancy stationary, because I can’t find any fancy stationary anywhere today. Yes, I do realize that this is not the first time that I have used writing my blog as a form of therapy.
I guess we all have these types of lists in our heads, so I should really stop wallowing and get to it. But before I do, one last thing:

Working from home is not easy, especially when you are combining it with being a parent, and working for yourself. So from me to those of you who are currently at home, struggling to change gears and motivate yourselves to work/get changed/tackle that big project, here is a big virtual hug. You are not alone and, yes, it is tough, bloody tough, so it’s okay to feel despondent from time to time, and write a ridiculous blog about it.

Give yourself a break (well, obviously a mental break, because if you are a parent, there is no such thing as an actual break), insert cheeky, eye winking emoji here.

There, got it out of my system (sort of), time to tackle one of those tasks.

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  1. Bhavna says:

    Aww… hope the rest of your day went better! – Bhavna

    1. Thanks Bhavna! It turned out pretty okay, I managed to tick a few things off that list. Still looking forward to a bright, new day though!

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