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Beating Off The Doldrums – Mood Boosters for Self Employed Makers and Creatives

I enjoy running my own business because I work well alone. I am a pretty self motivated human and very understanding boss! You will more often than not, find me in a satisfying flow state drawing up new ideas for my business and happily working away in my studio. However this cannot always be the …


Making a creative connection

What a great morning. I just had a pow-wow with a good buddy and local designer,¬†who runs a ‘kitchen table’ business like me, making fabulous T-shirts for kids, in the middle of mayhem. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there is nothing like a good critique. My work suffers when I spend …


The Kiss of Life

Last Friday during my Big Cleaning Frenzy, I came across an old project drooping in a corner feeling sorry for itself. I’ll tell you more about this precious discovery a little bit later… First I want to talk about unfinished projects. They take up a lot of space, but they can be a good thing. …

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