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CHEmlab – A Story of Collaboration And Friendship Through Tough Times

Being an artist or maker, and owning your own small business can be incredibly exhilarating, but the flipside is, it can also be incredibly lonely. I have always yearned to collaborate with another maker, but finding the right partner is not as easy as it seems. Turns out, finding a good match for collaboration is …

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Beating Off The Doldrums – Mood Boosters for Self Employed Makers and Creatives

I enjoy running my own business because I work well alone. I am a pretty self motivated human and very understanding boss! You will more often than not, find me in a satisfying flow state drawing up new ideas for my business and happily working away in my studio. However this cannot always be the …


Making a creative connection

What a great morning. I just had a pow-wow with a good buddy and local designer,¬†who runs a ‘kitchen table’ business like me, making fabulous T-shirts for kids, in the middle of mayhem. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there is nothing like a good critique. My work suffers when I spend …


The Kiss of Life

Last Friday during my Big Cleaning Frenzy, I came across an old project drooping in a corner feeling sorry for itself. I’ll tell you more about this precious discovery a little bit later… First I want to talk about unfinished projects. They take up a lot of space, but they can be a good thing. …

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