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Strike a pose kids!

Strike a pose kids!

The T-shirts are coming along nicely.


It has been a steep learning curve, but the nice thing about screen printing is that you get pretty fast results. I have been taking an ‘intuitive’ approach to my printing: just going with the flow, printing a bit, standing back to look at the results, then adding something else. If I make a mistake, I try to work it into the design (I do tend to make a lot of mistakes –  which is actually why I adopted the ‘intuitive’ approach in the first place!).  🙂

Sometimes, this works, sometimes this doesn’t, but I want each shirt to be unique, and look hand crafted rather than mass-produced.

Now I’m thinking about selling them them.
A scary idea for me. I generally enjoy making things, but the marketing and sales stuff is something I haven’t been very good at so far.

This morning I was thinking “wouldn’t it be nice to have pictures of real kids wearing the t-shirts on my website?” I already have an image in my head of happy kids running around in a sunny field,  hair messy, knees muddy, goofy grins on their faces,wearing my shirts. It all sounds very dreamy and picturesque, but I know it is going to be difficult to do.

First of all, I need kids. I know I could get my 6 year old to do this: she is a natural poser, and loves the limelight, the toddler, however, would be more difficult to convince, I see bribery in my future. Maybe I could rope in a few of their friends (and their parents) to take part?

Secondly, I will need to take good photos. I’m what you call an ‘idiot savant’ when it comes to photography. I’ve taken some good photos in the past, but I have no idea how I did it. My knowledge of photography is rudimentary. Hmmm. Maybe, I need to rethink this idea…

I do like challenges, so I will probably give it a go. Maybe I will end up with a completely different outcome than expected.

I’ll post them here when I’m done!

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