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Domesticity and the artist

Domesticity and the artist

Pictures of my house being slowly overtaken by printing madness.  It has been a productive day so far.

dining table
living room



The T-shirts are coming along nicely, but I fear the house may be swallowed up in the process. The upside?? I’ve become much better at doing the dishes on time, now that I need the sink to wash my screens.

I would do the laundry, but I’m test washing t-shirts in the washer. It’s just as well tomorrow is the weekend!

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  1. Don’t we all end up at some point over taking the house in the middle of our creative production process. Only a lucky few have the room to spread out without this nuisance. Enjoy the pics…thanks. Good looking design.

    1. Thank you! I dream of building a big studio in my back yard one day. Until then…I’ll carry on with the house coup!

  2. […] aspect of the house, and gets excited about my work every day….but maybe not so excited with the mess that it ‘sometimes’ involves. Disclaimer here: this is not a post about a dream house. In my dreams, an artist’s house is […]

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