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Juggler extraordinaire

Juggler extraordinaire

I have made no bones about the fact that this blog is all about juggling.
Juggling ideas, juggling roles, keeping all those balls up in the air at the same time and not losing your balance. 

Take today for example. I dropped the kids off at school, came back and made these prints:


 I quite like them. I think I’ll call them ‘Flock 1 and Flock 2’.

Now I’m off to bake my daughter a birthday cake, and wrap her presents…then I’ll print up some T-shirts for the Art fairs…then I’ll make some business cards. Then the kids get home and have a play-date with some friends, and so on, and so forth…you get the picture. “Monkey-toasting” My daughter calls it. So much more fun than multitasking

The fantastic website

Now I have just discovered a fantastic website that speaks to a lot of my interests, that I want to share with you…

If you are interested in creativity, kids, art, education, or all of the above (like me!) have a look at this great site.
It allows kids to build up an online portfolio of work, be part of an online community, and much, much more.
cool. I hope you enjoy it!


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