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A Labor of Love

A Labor of Love

Work finished and ready to go.

More evidence, that despite all the stress, I really do love what I do.

I got a bit carried away with my commissions this week. All I really needed to do is print an image onto each garment, and sew a label on.
Then I got thinking “wouldn’t this shirt look sweeter with a bit of applique?” and “Oh, this baby outfit needs a little heart sewn on it” and then “didn’t that lady say that her little boy loves the sun? Let’s print a sun on there.”

Before you know it, I’m up until late appliqueing (is that an actual word?) and putting sweet little finishing touches on things. My husband thinks I have gone mad.
I am pretty happy about the outcome, and so excited that each person will get a completely unique shirt, made just for them by the crazy lady who just can’t stop sewing.


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