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Shy? Moi? The Noctiluna Photoshoot 2021
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Shy? Moi? The Noctiluna Photoshoot 2021

Until recently, I have never been a fan of having my photo taken. Part of it is vanity. For some reason, the image in my head of how I should look never matches with how I actually look. In old family photos, I’m always pulling some sort of goofy face, sticking my tummy out, or squinting into the distance. In my self conscious twenties and thirties I would silently slink away whenever a camera was produced. Most photos of me were taken on the sly by my husband, whom I’m very thankful to..

In recent times, I have loosened up a lot. I think it comes with being the mother of a teenager. I don’t want her to be too self conscious, so I have made peace with my own self image and enjoy my own brand of imperfect, messy weirdness. I embrace my printmaker’s forearms (I could have been a blacksmith in past times) and my tiny stature. We are all perfectly imperfect, and that is fine and beautiful.

Last week, I had a photoshoot for Noctiluna, which included some photos of me in my studio, and I really enjoyed the whole process. I am happiest when I am printing and using my hands to create, so I was delighted to have some documentation of myself in my natural habitat. This is me in my most contented place, and it shows.

We did the kids’ photoshoot outdoors for reasons of safety and fun. The atmosphere was kept playful, natural and informal to keep with the happy ethos of Noctiluna. I want Noctiluna clothes to make people smile and feel comfortable. They are low maintenance, comfy, and made with so much love and care, and I wanted that to be reflected in the photos.

Of course, life is unpredictable, and the littlest of the models only smiled when the camera was not pointed at her, but that is her prerogative. She was super cute nonetheless, and captured our hearts. I am a sucker for little kids.

Thank you to the cutest models, and to Stacey Vaeth Photography, for putting us all at ease, and taking lovely, happy photos.

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