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Tiny Acts of Bravery

Tiny Acts of Bravery

I have burnt a small hole in my credit card while shopping for printable t-shirts today, but I will be brave about it.

It is a little scary being a small time Designer and Crafter, and starting a business from scratch. Every day I have a tiny panic attack about where all of this is headed. Every day involves many tiny moments of bravery.
“Stop freaking out!” the tiny voice inside my head keeps telling me “Just keep on working hard, and try not to hit the snack cupboard so often!”

Over the last month, I have been furiously preparing for a few upcoming fairs and markets. I have been screen printing, mono-printing, drawing, painting, mounting work, printing work, framing work, and finding attractive ways to display work. In short, I have been very busy, and this actually makes me inordinately happy.

However, all this raging productivity also means I have been buying and using a lot of materials. What was that saying again?..

You have to spend money to make money

Gasp! There I’ve said it! The dreaded M word that so many of us creative professionals avoid mentioning. You often hear us waxing lyrical about inspiration, creativity and thought processes, but we do not like to mention the M word.

It makes me feel funny, and awkward, as if I’m somehow compromising my integrity. Putting a price on my creativity is something I have never been very good at.
But the truth is, while I do really enjoy designing and making things, and  feel lucky to do this for a living. I am actually hoping to, well, make a living out of it.

Right now I’m just spending a LOT of money, and trying to focus on making the end products as good as possible. Let’s see where this takes me.

Take a look at a couple of prints I have been drawing into today. Another few acts of bravery – involving a marker pen!


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