Taking advice from a five year old

I showed my recent mono-print experiments to my 5 year old. “What do you think?” I asked waving the images in front of her face. She looked up from her My Little Pony coloring book and gazed critically at the work for a good minute, no expression on her face.
Then she cocked her head to the side, wrinkled up her nose and declared “It needs color”.

It is true that I have a thing for black and white. This is something that my daughter finds annoying to say the least.
“Mommy, I really think that it would look better with some color in it” she said thrusting her Crayola markers at me.

Well, I took her advice and attacked those prints with some color. I quite like the results.

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Taking advice from a five year old

  1. Jennie Hoare

    I love the original print. It was the first of your posts I discovered. It works both ways, just more dynamic in mono, I think! Better not tell your daughter!

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