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Getting in the loop with other artists…

Getting in the loop with other artists…


So I have a spot at the Ballston Arts and Crafts Market.
This makes me inordinately happy.
Happy like a small child with a great,big lollipop. No, a small child with a great, big, rainbow colored lollipop… with sprinkles. Why is this such a great, big deal to me? I think it is because it will be the first time in a long while that I will be working side by side with other serious artists and crafters. The kind of energy that is produced by this kind of connection cannot be underestimated. It will open up new dialogues for me about how to develop my work, and my skills. It will really get my juices flowing.
Lately to a large extent, I have been working in a vacuum. This is not an ideal situation for any artist – especially me. I miss my college studio days, and my time working in studios in London, when I was surrounded by other artists and designers bouncing ideas off each other and providing a context for our work.
I miss those rigorous critiques, when we would painfully analyze each other’s work and bring different (sometimes worrying) perspectives to it.
Many artists and designers miss the studio atmosphere when they leave college, and they seek to reproduce that atmosphere in their work situations. One of the toughest parts of moving from London to Virginia for me was the loss of my community of creative friends. There are many things I love about Virginia, but it just doesn’t match London for me in terms of providing a stimulating Arts environment.
Of course, I’ve also been busy growing my young family, so I really have not put enough energy or time into finding or becoming a part of the professional arts scene here, my priorities and lifestyle have changed. But I do miss the friction a good critique produces. I miss connecting with other professional artists, designers and crafters.
So being a part of The Ballston Arts and Crafts Market is a step in the right direction for me. Ready or not, here I come.

How do you connect with other artists?
social networking Linked in etc)attending classes and seminars at art schoolssharing a studio spacejoining a group/meet upI don’t think it is that important to connect with other artistsnone of the above….explain!Other:

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  1. GREAT write up – absolutely agree. I miss the inspirations and influences and critiques from fellow artists too 🙁 well done with getting a spot at the Ballston Arts and Crafts Market! keep me updated! Love the description on your happiness – you an a lollipop. Wish i could write this good! xxxxx

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