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Ink, Tea and Emergen-C

Ink, Tea and Emergen-C

I just thought I would pop into the Blogosphere to say a quick hello.

I have kept my head down, and my fingers inky over the last few days. A war is still waging in my kitchen between the dishes and the printing equipment, and it is starting to get messy.

It has been another busy week for me, with the Ballston Arts and Crafts Fair coming up on Saturday. I’m racing against the clock to get everything done on time. The art work and prints are framed and good to go, and today I finished printing and hand-painting  all of the T-shirts.

All that is left to do, is to iron all the shirts (to set the ink and make them run-proof) and hand sew all the labels on. Yes, hand sew, because when I say hand-made T-shirts, I mean HAND-MADE t-shirts! I really need to figure out how to use that sewing machine.
My husband and I were discussing ideas for a slogan for the company recently. He rejected both of my offerings: ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ and ‘Fresh from the Kitchen Table’  🙂

I must admit, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed today. It doesn’t help that I feel as though I’m coming down with a cold.
Anyway, no point in moping, I will fortify myself with hot tea and Emergen-C, and hope against hope that the kids stay well.

I shall post pictures of the shirts when they are finished,  labeled and lovely. Until then, here are some sneak peeks of some new colors that I have been trying out. I have fallen in love with ivory and navy blue…reminds me of 1950s kitchen ware from England somehow.

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