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The Wonder of it all

This post is going to consist of very little writing because, well, the pictures say it all really. I have been wanting to go to the Renwick gallery ever since it reopened in November to see Wonder. The Renwick and I have a history, it was one of my favorite haunts when I first moved …


Ink, Tea and Emergen-C

I just thought I would pop into the Blogosphere to say a quick hello. I have kept my head down, and my fingers inky over the last few days. A war is still waging in my kitchen between the dishes and the printing equipment, and it is starting to get messy. It has been another …

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The Aftermath

Well my first proper experience as a vendor at a fair is over, and I thought I’d share the rich and pungent experience with you. Why pungent? You ask. Well it was hot, blindingly hot and sticky, and with stickiness comes pungency. Even though I kept slathering myself with sunscreen, I’m now a few shades …

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