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Half baked – part one
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Half baked – part one


I have approximately 20 minutes to write this blog post before I have to pick up my four year old from preschool, so the spelling, and the grammar, and perhaps even the meaning of this post may be muddled. Well, maybe not the spelling – I am a star speller, always have been, it’s my super power. I would have preferred x-ray vision, but what can you do?

All through last week, I have had moments like these when I could have written a quick post, but I would always put it off thinking “Let’s not rush this. If I’m going to write something, I want to do it properly and take the time to organize my thoughts. I want this to be perfect.” So… the post never happened.

Let’s face it, my schedule is never going to allow me to light a vanilla soy candle, pour myself a cup of tea, wait for the stars to align, and get the atmosphere ‘just so’. I’m harried. There, I’ve said it. I’m a harried, confused, over scheduled, half baked sort of person. This doesn’t meld well with that part of my personality that wants to be perfect, organized, and the best at everything – best mom, best teacher, best small business owner, best maker of Valentines cookies, and reader of new fiction.  So far I’m the best at procrastinating, leaving things half done, eating chocolate, and well, spelling. The snow days are not helping.

So, in an attempt to get a grip on things, and motivate myself through this incredibly difficult, and frustrating winter, I have (surprise, surprise!) turned to a book. Gretchen Rubin’s ‘Happier at Home’. I find working from home can be incredibly uninspiring, so I’m trying to find little things to lift my day,  and keep me focused on achieving my goals.

Oops. Time is up. I’ll continue this later … Stay right there!







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