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Staying Motivated After Snowzilla
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Staying Motivated After Snowzilla

It is tough staying motivated when you work from home. Often schedules get gooey and the line between work and home life is not really a line, more a series of dashes and smudges. Being productive requires a lot of pep talks in front of the mirror, and a decent amount of self control. Sometimes it’s easy to stay focused, other times not so much.

I was doing alright up until Snowzilla happened, and suddenly I had two overly enthusiastic helpers at home with me for a week, and nowhere to go.

I couldn’t really get much done last week. I managed to screen print a little with the help of my nine year old (while the five year old walked around hitting things), and recycle some old screens, but mostly I gave in to the snow day mayhem. I took the kids sledding, I shoveled while they pelted me in the back with snow balls, I cooked a lot and ate even more, watched all three of the Hobbit films, waved a white flag while the kids covered the ground floor of my house with a giant train track, and kept a very close eye on the five year old and his marker pen collection.

It was fun, but at some point during the eight day snowcation, I started to get despondent (it doesn’t take much, does it?).  I started worrying about my business and the direction it was slowly shuffling in. “I have no idea what I’m doing, or where I’m going.” 

That is when I sat and answered the questions below, found on The Stellar Cafe, a lovely blog written by Peter H Reynolds (he of The Dot, and Ish fame). Sometimes all it takes is a few moments of reflection, to get back on track and feel motivated again (or maybe I’m just a very changeable person).  Asking questions about yourself is never a bad thing. Have a look. Maybe you will want to answer some of the questions yourself, or maybe you have some better ones to add to the list.

Happy Monday!

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1. What is something important to you?
Having an open mind. Taking the time to understand and empathize with other people and not being too judgmental or fearful of differences. Helping my kids to be this way. Going with the flow.

2. What special talent do you have?
Teaching/mentoring young people: I have a good rapport with kids, and remember my own childhood experiences vividly.

3. What place has special meaning to you?
London will always have my heart, it holds my childhood memories, and just feels right when I visit.

4. Who has helped you find your way?
To be honest, I’m not sure I’ve found my way yet, it’s taking me a bit longer than expected. Many people have helped me this far, mostly close friends and family. I’ve spent so much time with my head in books, that I can’t ignore their influences on me. However, most of the time, I have just accidentally stumbled onto a path.

5. What do you hope to do someday?
A creatively fulfilling job that pays the bills, keeps me on my toes, and still let’s me spend time with my family. Does such a job exist?

6. What do you need to be more happy?
People, more contact with people. A higher density of people around me (I’m a city girl). More family nearby, and like minded artist friends to bounce ideas around with.

7. What is a big dream you have–if reality wasn’t an obstacle?
Moving closer to the city and buying my own beautiful, roomy studio with huge windows, just a few minutes away from home, and just creating stuff with no limits every day. Ooh. and traveling to as many places as possible with my family and a sketch book. Not much to ask, huh?

8. Who have you helped along the way?
I hope I have helped some students along the way.

9. If you wrote a book about your life up until now what would the title be?
The Grounded Gypsy.

10. If you wrote a book about your future what would it be titled?
How to Grow Old Without Growing Up

Feeling stuck? Go ahead, take the questionnaire yourself.

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