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Happy New Year…
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Happy New Year…

…and so the first day of 2015 is here. I promised myself that I would start the year on a good note and put out a blog post on New Years Day, and voila, here I am, keeping that promise – I’ve got a good feeling about this year already.

I read somewhere that listicles (articles consisting of lists) are out of fashion, which is a shame because New Year’s Day is definitely a day for writing and publishing lists, long, optimistic lists, of fuzzy, heartwarming resolutions and fresh ideas for self improvement.

I’m not really one for resolutions anyway. I do like the idea of a fresh start, and making plans for the coming year, but resolutions are hard and spiky. I have come to embrace a certain fluidity when it comes to my plans and understand that sometimes a change of direction just happens whether you like it or not.

Last year was tough. Tough because I had so many hopes and ideas for Noctiluna, but couldn’t fulfill them. Things took an unexpected turn in my family life, and I had to turn down jobs, put projects on hold, and spend a lot less time working. Not being able to scratch that itch was frustrating, and I let the people closest to me know just how frustrated I was (sorry!). However, I slowly learned to relax, not to be too rigid with my plans, and to be more creative with my time. Despite feeling stifled professionally, I have to admit that 2014  was a year of great growth for me and my family in so many other ways.

And of course, I have never been one to follow fashion slavishly (not since I left the fashion industry anyway!), so below is a list of things I’m hoping to do in 2015.

– Write the best lesson plans ever for this year’s summer camps!!!

– Spend more time actually marketing my products, make my packaging and website prettier and start selling in local shops.

-Develop more professionally – learn new skills, try out things that scare me.

– Help my good friend get started running her new and fabulous preschool in Vienna, VA (more about that later).

– Keep working out, going to dance classes, and singing loudly with my kids – because that just makes me happy.

– Create without a purpose. I need to just draw/paint/make things without worrying about selling them.

– Appreciate what I have.


Happy 2015. I do hope your year turns out to be full of good things!


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  1. Happy New Year Chitra! And it’s always good to make lists xx

    1. Thank you, Gemma!! Happy New Year to you as well. xx

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