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Coloring in the gaps
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Coloring in the gaps

Okay, okay, I admit it. I have been coloring in my six year old’s coloring book.
I couldn’t help it. The unfilled outlines just looked too inviting. I was clearing them away, and then they started whispering to me
“you need a break, why don’t you sit down and fill us in? Use those new markers that you bought from the Art store. Go on.”

I find coloring to be a  therapeutic exercise, a luxurious way to waste time.  I rarely get to indulge in it, but now it has given me an idea for a future project.

I have always been a sucker for coloring books. I recently found a particularly complex one from Usborne books full of graphic patterns that remind me a bit  of my own black and white drawings.
In fact, my six year old thinks that  my black and white prints are perfect for coloring in, and has on occasion attacked them with her Crayolas (which is why I hide them away in a box). Now that I think about it, a  lot of kids end up coloring in the printed tags that I attach to my T-shirts.

I recently made some greeting cards, which my enterprising six year old suggested that I should market as color-in-yourself cards. Noticing a pattern here??

A  very lovely potter, whom I met at a recent craft show, sent me a email with the famous quote from the poet, Rumi  – ‘Let the beauty we love be what we do’.


I think I need to make a coloring book.

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