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Saving the world one shirt at a time!
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Saving the world one shirt at a time!

After my last fair of the year, I decided to take stock of the mess that I had made during my frenzied season of printing, embroidering, ironing and champion- tea drinking.

It was pretty considerable, so I decided to get cleaning straight away.

Here’s the thing about mammoth cleaning  projects, they tend to start off scary and promise hours of boring, repetitive tasks, and days of drudgery; but they aren’t really that bad actually, and they always, always, yield big rewards.

I’m not talking about the obvious reward of having a cleaner house, although that is nice.
I’m not even talking about surprising little rewards, such as finding your glasses, and the toddler’s mini school-bus under a pile of shirts (that was nice too).

I’m talking about uncovering big, sparkling  ideas that have been hiding under all of the piles of fabric, paper and printing equipment. Ideas that can lead to an epiphany.

Now that the debris has been cleared away I can see the big picture more clearly….

I have too much stuff.

Too many bits of unused fabric in strange shapes and sizes, too many printed shirts with smudges and mistakes that I can’t sell, too many little snippets of thread that have been left lying around after a sewing project.

Waste not, want not. So I have started my own little recycling project, and have been using all of these left over bits and pieces to make new shirts. I have only just started, but it is really rewarding to be able to make something beautiful out of what used to be a mess… and watch the mess magically shrink away.

It’s my new superpower.

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