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Summer Camp Love Story

I’m going to run a summer camp this year. Scratch that, I’m going to run TWO summer camps this year. The responses to this statement have ranged from the anxious “won’t that be a bit messy?’ to the slightly surreal¬†“do you have enough tents?” to the cryptic “what about bears?” First of all, to all …

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Saving the world one shirt at a time!

After my last fair of the year, I decided to take stock of the mess that I had made during my frenzied season of printing, embroidering, ironing and champion- tea drinking. It was pretty considerable, so I decided to get cleaning straight away. Here’s the thing about mammoth cleaning ¬†projects, they tend to start off …


Screen printing in my dining room #2 or ‘Covering up the mess I make’

This will not be a long post, because I am feeling a bit uncomfortable. As I write this I am acutely aware of the mess I have made around me, and of the fact that in precisely two hours time, two hungry and extremely twitchy children will be back from school looking for things to …

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